Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Charles Xavier Jr., Lawrence Blatt And Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Bay-area guitarist/composer Lawrence Blatt has traveled all over the world with his music. For the past decade, he has gathered together 15 tracks from his experiences for his new album "Longitudes And Latitudes." Beginning with the soundtrack for Hawaiian sunset, the horn-lead "Two Shades Of Sunshine" is the perfect opener to get you excited for this new set of songs. The beautiful sweeping sound of "A Place In Your Heart" is all about falling in love in Italy, while "Hyde Park Bench" delivers the wonders that await you in London with Blatt's acoustic guitar brightening every chord. A drive down the west coast is what comes to mind in the steady, up-tempo rhythm of "Two Steps Down The Line," while "Morning In Beerse" gently delivers the soothing sounds from Lawrence Blatt. It's a magical experience to hear is interpretations of these special moments in his life as he wraps up the album with the finger-picking melody of "Over The Rainbow." To find out more about Lawrence Blatt and his latest release "Longitudes And Latitudes," please visit

Also from the Bay-area is producer/musician Charles Xavier Jr. with a new 15-song sampler from his record label, Happy Note Records. It features fifteen-songs from seven different albums featuring the work of Charles Xavier. The sampler begins with the up-tempo jazz fusion of "We Talk" from the album, "Hollywood and Heaven," before showcasing an electronic sound on "The Dreamer" from the album "Bosco." The more experimental movement of "The Xman Cometh" is displayed in "Hollywood & Heaven" along with "Stop'n At Round Midnight." The middle of this new release features the jazz fusion of "After Hours," from the album "Saton," then the funk sounds of "So Alone" from the album "The King Has Come." Rounding out the sampler are a couple of atmospheric soundscapes from "Perfect Mold" and the holiday mixers "Christmas Day Is Almost Here" and "Silent Night" from "Xmas Vibe." To find out more about the artists on this new Happy Note Records Sampler, please visit

Brazilian/American jazz guitarist Gustavo Assis-Brasil recently released his latest album titled "Chromatic Dialogues." It is his first solo album in six years and features some of the best session jazz musicians in the business. His new eleven-song release begins the quick-paced, jazz fusion piece "Gee." He and his band continue with the jazzier tones of "Always Here (Prenda Minha)" then bassist Tony Grey leads them through the up-tempo rhythm of "CC." They slow the tempo down for the enlightening sounds of "Olivia," before experimenting more with the tempos of "Pro Sapo." Gustavo Assis-Brasil is performing a record release show on September 14th in Cambridge, MA before heading over to Sweden for Uppsala Guitar Festival. To find out more about his new album "Chromatic Dialogues," please visit

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