Friday, September 16, 2016

CD Review: New Music From These Guitars Say Sorry, Distant Brothers, Neil Cousin & Derek Sallmann

English-born singer/songwriter Jez Slowe recently released his debut album titled "We Were Younger Then" under the stage name These Guitars Say Sorry. The new release features twelve tracks, beginning with the acoustic strumming song "71st & Citadel" about dealing with consequences. He slows down the pace for "So Damn Lonely" as his rough vocals gives emotion to the song's desperation lyrics. He pours his anger into the revengeful tone of "Jaded" and then delivers "It Has Come To This" in the light folk-style of regret. The album finishes with the acoustic pop tones of "No Asked Me" and the hope of "The Playing Fields Of England" as Jez sounds relaxed when singing about his home country. To find out more about These Guitars Say Sorry and his debut release "We Were Younger Then," please visit

From Chicago comes the latest album titled "Upon Our Arrival" from the alternative-folk band Distant Brothers. They use a bluegrass set-up for their instrumentation, using banjos, ukuleles and mandolins, with the surprise being the addition of horns on the opening track "Overtones" to get you excited for the rest of the album. Their new twelve-s0ng album continues with the steady pace of "Bottle O' Gin" and the quick strumming of "Monkey's Paw" as the Distant Brothers add a Celtic-style to their sound. They get the energy flowing with the built-up tempo of "Ran To You," while their playful tribute to "Dick Van Dyke" is the perfect flashback to music's earlier days. The album wraps up with the intense, clap-stomp rhythm of "Beautiful Light" and the gentle harmonizing of "I Can't Recall." To find out more about the Distant Brothers and their latest release "Upon Our Arrival," please visit

U.K. singer/songwriter Neil Cousin just released his latest album titled "The Dreams Of Animals." It follows along his path of releases that examine the minds of animals. The new eleven-song release begins with the gentle acoustics of "My Unknown Companion" as Neil's voice is soothing, while his lyrics easy to follow. He continues with the light touch of "Leg Bone Flute" that allows you to focus on Neil's vocals. He delivers a more mainstream folk/pop sound with "Happy Ending Vampire," before returning back to gentle, acoustic folk treading of "Black Dog." His music and lyrics get dark on the moody feel of "The Dreams Of Animals," before finishing with the slow grunge-rock appeal of "Moat Hill." To find out more about Neil Cousin and his latest release "The Dream Of Animals," please visit his Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Derek Sallmann will be releasing his debut album titled "All Seasons" on November 4th. It features ten tracks that Derek has been perfecting over the last eight years since picking up his dad's guitar. Beginning with the acoustic pop melody of "Afraid Of Fall," his music has a very catchy hook that becomes very addictive as displayed in the album's first single "When I See You." The wonderful, acoustic folk-rock appeal of "Storm" and the emotional lyrics of "I Remember You Beautiful" will have you wanting more from this rising new 21 year old artist. He finishes with the up-tempo, light-hearted, acoustic strumming of "True Love Wins Today" and the piano ballad "Nothing's Changed." To find out more about Derek Sallmann and his latest release "All Seasons," please visit

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