Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CD Review: New Music Releases From The Grand Undoing, Alex Bent & The Emptiness And AWAS

From Boston comes the latest release from The Grand Undoing titled "Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love." It features ten songs, beginning with the Elvis Costello-like vocals from Seth Goodman on the opener "Sing Yourself Home." The Grand Undoing carries a seventies rock vibe into "Key Biscayne" and get down dirty with the raw, rock appeal of "Let The Big Ball Go." Seth leads the charge with the straight-up energy of "Most Of All We Just Go Around," before finishing with the lush sounds of "Lady In Gray" and the Americana, marching rhythm of "Anyway The Wind." To find more about the latest release from The Grand Undoing, please visit thegrandundoing.com.

Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Bent recently released his latest album"Dead In The Water" on August 26th. It features nine-tracks, beginning with the piano pop sound collage of "Paper Mask '16" as Alex's R&B-style vocals smooth over the experimental backdrop. His sounds work together perfectly on the slow dance/pop tones of "Blonde American Girl" as he's allowed to let his vocals shine. He adds a Jackson Browne quality to the piano ballad "Interlude...For The Mood," before finishing the album with the Nine Inch Nails-like, electronic ballad "Run Like Hell" and the wonderful, enlightening emotions of "Heaven In Your Eyes." To find out more about Alex Bent and his latest release "Dead In The Water," please visit iamtheemptiness.com.

Electronic pop duo AWAS recently released their debut album titled "Vibey AF." AWAS is made up of Nashville singer/songwriter Ariel Hill and composer/producer Aaron Howard. The new eight-song release features an array of electronic dance music, beginning with the classic eighties vibe of "Gotta Let It Go" and the addictive taste of "Flavorz." They lighten up the mood with the light-hearted pop feel of "Stay A Week Or So," before closing with the hip-hop vibe of "Small Talk" and the smooth pop/dance groove of "Centurion." To find out more about AWAS and their debut release "Vibey AF," please visit awasofficial.com.

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