Saturday, September 10, 2016

CD Review: Please Reaquaint Yourself With The "Best Of The Connells"

In 1984, college radio was the perfect way to discover new American rock bands offering music that was different than what was being played on pop radio. One band that grew out of the college airwaves was the North Carolina group, The Connells. They built a following performing live and with a number of popular songs locally, but it all changed with their international hit single "'74-75" released in the mid-nineties made waves in Europe. Now three decades later on September 9 through The Bicycle Music Company/Concord Music Group comes the arrival of "Stone Cold Yesterday: Best Of The Connells."

The new sixteen-song release begins with the title song, "Stone Cold Yesterday" and the song's raw, up-beat tempo will have you remembering the underground college music scene in the eighties. Their hit single "'74-75" reminds you of how good of songwriters the band were as they could capture your emotions. The band's straight-up, raw rock appeal is heard in "One Simple Word" and "Slackjawed" as The Connells defined modern rock. Their energy is heard in the alternative rock feel of "Scotty's Lament" and "Maybe" as The Connells can capture the essence of every decade. The Connells continue to perform live and this new release "Stone Cold Yesterday: Best Of The Connells" is the perfect introduction into their music. To find out more about The Connells, please visit

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