Monday, September 12, 2016

CD Review: Stick Men Return For "Prog Noir" & Security Project Releases "Live 2" Sequel

The progressive rock trio Stick Men will be releasing their fifth studio album titled "Prog Noir" on October 21st. It will come in standard single-disc format along with a "super deluxe edition" which contains a bonus CD of exclusive material, a double vinyl version of the album, a t-shirt and a poster. The new ten-song release has a more structured sound than past releases, featuring vocals on several tracks. 

The new album begins with the deep bass grooves of the title song "Prog Noir" as the addition of vocals gives the song more guidance. Their work with King Crimson rubs off on the rhythm-heavy instrumental "Mantra" and the spoken words of "Plutonium" allows the Stick Men to stretch into other genres, if only for a moment. The intense, steady funk-rhythm of "Schattenhaft" and the heavy metal marching of "Leonardo" has the Stick Men powering on all cylinders. The album closes with the Tool-like tones of "Treys Continuum" and the six-plus minute classic progressive rock piece "Never The Same." Stick Men will be touring Europe this October. To find out more about their latest album "Prog Noir," please visit their Facebook page at

Following the success of the Security Project's live album "Live 1," released back in May comes their second live album simply titled "Live 2." It will be released on October 21st through 7d  Media. It features ten more songs from Peter Gabriel's solo and Genesis discography performed perfectly by this band consisting of members of King Crimson, Shriekback and Peter Gabriel's own solo band. 

The new album begins with the delicate touch of "Family Snapshot," before picking the energy up with the playful intensity of "Moribund The Burgermeister." Security Project dive into Gabriel's debut solo album for the spot-on rendition of "Humdrum" as singer Brian Cummins mirrors Peter Gabriel's voice perfectly in "Mercy Street." They deliver an emotional version of the very rare song, "Father Son" from the soundtrack "OVO" and then give their all to the iconic Genesis song "The Lamb Lays Down On Broadway." The album closes with the power and crowd participation during "On The Air." To find out more about Security Project's latest release "Live 2," please visit

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