Thursday, October 27, 2016

CD Review: Check Out New Releases From The Legal Matters, Myles Sanko & The Robert Kraft Trio

From Detroit comes the sophomore release from pop/rock band The Legal Matters titled "Conrad." The new albums shows the development and maturity in their songwriting since their debut album two years prior. The new eleven-song release begins with the wonderful harmonies of "Anything," before digging back to their influences on the Beatles-inspired "I'm Sorry Love." They bring together their voices for the undeniable pop appeal of "Minor Key," then bring out their guitars for the more rock-infused "Short Term Memory." When they slow the tempo down for the acoustic-based "Pull My String," you can appreciate the bond between band members Andy Reed, Chris Richards and Keith Klingensmith. The album wraps up with angelic harmonies of "Hip Hooray" and "Lull And Bye," before finishing with smooth rock sound of "Better Days." To find out more about The Legal Matters and their latest release "Conrad," please visit

UK jazz/soul artist Myles Sanko will be releasing his new full-length album "Just Being Me," on October 28th. The new eleven-song release begins with the short, trickling instrumental "Freedom," which leads into the soul-infused R&B tones of "Just Being Me." Sanko picks the tempo up for the classic sound of "Promises" as his vocals ignite your body to move. The album continues with the piano introduction of "This Ain't Living," which then leads into the song's Stevie Wonder-like groove. His vocals soar on "For You" as the music carries a pop/disco break that gives his sound a nostalgic feel. The album finishes with the free-form vocals of "Land Of Paradise" and the smooth R&B tones of "Missing You," before closing with the spiritual, gospel-like delivery of "Empty Road." To find out more about Myles Sanko and his new album "Just Being Me," please visit

The Robert Kraft Trio recently released their latest single "Gotta Have You" which has a nostalgic rhythm & blues sound that swings with its smooth Motown-like delivery. The flipside of their new 45-inch single is the sixties-sounding pop appeal of "I Want To Show You" as their sound will definitely transport you to an earlier time in music. To find out more about The Robert Kraft Trio, please visit their Facebook page at

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