Thursday, October 6, 2016

CD Review: Crobot Welcomes You To "Fat City" & Into The Fire Releases Debut EP

From Pennsylvania comes the sophomore release from the hard rock band Crobot titled "Welcome To Fat City." Crobot just wrapped up their fall tour, which featured spots at the Revolution Rock Festival in Connecticut and the Rock Allegiance Festival in their home state. The new release begins with "Welcome To Fat City" as the music and vocals get you pumped with the song's energetic delivery. They lock into a blues/funk metal groove on "Play It Cool" and mix tempos on the album's lead single "Not For Sale." They dig deep for the burning metal blues of "Hold On For Dear Life," before funktifying their sound with the thick bass line of "Blood On The Snow." The album closes with the big guitar driven blues of "Moment Of Truth" and the intense uproar of "Plague Of The Mammoths," To find out more about Crobot and their latest release "Welcome To Fat City," please visit

The hardrock band Into The Fire recently released their debut self-titled EP through Pavement Entertainment. The band features members of SOiL, Evanescence and The Union Underground. The band just got together to jam and decided to record the magic that they were creating in the studio. Their new single "Spit You Out" has a nu-metal appeal that draws upon the song's hard rock grooves. The flipside features "From The Medicine" that highlights the band's mainstream sound that seems built for modern metal radio. To find out more about Into The Fire and their newly released EP, please visit their Facebook page at

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