Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CD Review: Crowbar Relies On "The Serpent" And Whores Turn Debut Into "Gold"

For over 25 years, New Orleans sludge-metal band Crowbar has been delivering a consistent dose of heavy music that has made them one of the best in the underground heavy metal scene. Their latest release titled "The Serpent Only Lies" will be released on October 28th through eOne Music. They remind you right from the opener "Falling While Rising" that their music has more depth to it as they switch between tempos. The album continues with the chugging guitars of "Plastic And Pure" and the growling vocals of "I Am The Storm" as Crowbar still have a chip on their shoulder to prove that they are one of the best heavy metal bands in the genre. Their new ten song release wraps up with Crowbar showcasing their power with the pounding rhythm of "The Enemy Beside You" and "On Holy Ground," before finishing with the buzzing of "As I Heal." To find out more about Crowbar and their latest release "The Serpent Only Lies," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/crowbarmusic.

From Atlanta, GA comes the extreme metal trio titled Whores with their eOne Music debut, full-length album "Gold." After receiving recognition from publications like SPIN magazine for their 2013 EP "Clean," Whores were ready to release their first full-length album. Their new ten song release begins with the grunge-like "Playing Poor" as the band deliver their music with hardcore punk energy. They bash away at the erratic rhythms of "Baby Teeth" and showcase the rawness of their sound with the buzzing of "Participation Trophy." They come bursting out with the Rage Against The Machine-like demand for "Ghost Trash," then find their metal groove on "Of Course You Do," before closing the album with the sludge metal delivery of "I Have A Prepared Statement." To find out more about Whores and their latest release "Gold," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/whrsband.

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