Tuesday, October 25, 2016

CD Review: The Neal Morse Band Explore A "Dream" On New Double-Album

American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Neal Morse is preparing to release his latest album with The Neal Morse Band titled "The Similitude Of A Dream." It will be released on November 11th through Metal Blade Records and is a double-album, clocking in at over 100 minutes. The entire Neal Morse Band is back, including Mike Portnoy on drums, Randy George on bass, Eric Gillette on guitar and Bill Hubauer on keyboards. The songs tell of a journey through dreams, beginning with the subtle strings of "Long Day," which lead into the progressive rock instrumental "Overture." Morse tells the tale of "The Dream" that builds up to the thunderous rock driven "City Of Destruction." The harmonies are wonderful on the magical sounds of "Draw The Line" as the band displays a jazzier side to their music, before continuing with the classic, seventies prog-rock sound of "Back To The City." The first disc finishes with a pair of seven-minute experiments like the early Genesis-sounding "The Ways Of A Fool" and the uplifting, spirited feel of "Breath Of Angels."

The second disc kicks off with the intense, keyboard driven rhythm of "Slave To Your Mind" and the quieter pop/rock of "Shortcut To Salvation." The band comes together to rock out on "The Man In The Iron Cage," before keyboardist Bill Hubauer electrifies "The Road Called Home" with his solo. The Neal Morse Band mix up their sound with the Americana feel of "Freedom Song" and "I'm Running," which sounds like an outtake from The Who. The second disc wraps up with the piano ballad, "The Mask" and the ten-minute, prog-rock adventure of "Broken Sky/Long Day (Reprise)." The Neal Morse Band are starting out 2017 with a North American tour. To find out more about their new album "The Similitude Of A Dream," please visit nealmorseband.com.

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