Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CD Review: New Found Rage In Wakrat Debut & Seeker Deal With "Loss" For Victory Records Follow-Up

Former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford is pulling double duty as the current bassist for Prophets of Rage and leading his new punk-rock trio Wakrat. Wakrat opened for Prophets of Rage on their current U.S. tour and Wakrat are getting ready to release their debut album on November 11th through Earache Records. The new self-titled release features nine energetic anthems with Tim taking control of the lead vocals. Joining Tim are Mathias Wakrat on drums and Laurent Grangeon on guitar and vocals. The album starts off with classic west coast punk appeal of "Sober Addiction" and moves on to a heavier sound with the quick hardcore pace of "The Number." The trio experiment more with their sound on "Nail In The Snail" as they switch tempos. The single "Knucklehead" first introduced us to Wakrat back in 2015 and fits perfectly along with the other songs on the album. The song draws its influence from Rage Against The Machine as the music and the repetition of words gets the message across.  The album closes with the intense delivery of "New Clear" and raw, grunge-like tone of "Pigs In A Blanket." Wakrat are currently still on tour until mid-October, but look for more dates once the album gets released. To find out more about their tour and new album, please visit

From Dallas, TX comes the latest release from the hardcore metal band Seeker titled "Loss." It will be released on October 14th through Victory Records and follows a short period of inactivity for the band. The new ten song release goes right at the "Throat" with its intense, powerful hard-hitting attack. They continue with the quick, raw, skin-peeling delivery of "Void." The screams of "Rot" and the sixty-second sweep of "Welcome Death" will have your head spinning from the shear force of the music. The album finishes with the roar of "Submit" and the thunderous pounding of "Loss." To find out more about Seeker and their latest release titled "Loss," please visit their Facebook page at

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