Thursday, October 13, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Crator, Defiant, Hammer King & Quicksand Dream

From New York comes the self-released debut album titled "The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy" from the death metal band Crator. The new band was pieced together from members of Origin, Krallice, Mucopus and Tentacles. Their new nine-song release is a blast of energy and aggression that will make your head spin. Right from the opening of "The Ouroboros Is Broken," the drumming and guitar come in hard and heavy. The pace never slows down as "The Great Stagnation" and "The Sixth Genocide" are filled with the crashing of instruments, layered by screaming vocals. They switch-up tempos on "The Noble Lie," allowing the vocals to become more powerful. The album finishes with the technical metal rhythm of "The Echo That Conquers Voice" and the outstanding musicianship of the heavy metal instrumental "The Unquiet Sky." To find out more about Crator and their latest release "The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy," please visit their Facebook page at
One of the most exciting metal acts to arrive on the scene is Defiant with their classic power metal sound. Their new album titled "Time Isn't Healing" will be self-released on November 25 and features eleven intense numbers, preceded by the grand orchestration of "Storm." The album kicks off with the high pitch screams of "Milestones Of Time" and the captivating guitar riffs of "Funeral Feast." The band's musicianship on "Time Isn't Healing" showcases the talents that Defiant have to offer their fans. They slow the tempo down for the strengthening of "The Dream," before picking the intensity back up for the six-minute, prog-metal appeal of "The Truth And The Lie." The album finishes with the power metal ballad of "The Grief" and the enlightening sound of "The Eagle." To find out more about Defiant and their latest release "Time Isn't Healing," please visit
Next from Germany comes the sophomore release from Hammer King titled "King Is Rising." They follow in the heavy metal tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, bringing twelve new metal anthems, beginning with the title song, "King Is Rising." It features an addictive array of guitar riffs and a chant-along chorus that will have you throwing up the devil horns in salute. Hammer King quicken the pace of "Last Hellriders" and deliver the thunderous rhythm of the "Warrior's Reign." Hammer King show their strength with the fast speed of "Battle Gorse," then dig into the deep metal bass groove of "Kill The Messenger." The album closes with the addictive chorus of "Viva La King" and the classic crushing sounds of "Eternal Tower Of Woe." To find out more about Hammer King and their latest release "King Is Rising," please visit 
Lastly we arrive at the latest release from Swedish heavy metal band Quicksand Dream titled "Beheading Tyrants." It is the band's first release in over fifteen years and features six epic tracks, beginning with the Black Sabbath-style of "Daughters Of Eve," which would have made Ronnie James Dio a fan of the band. They deliver the atmospheric adventure of "The Shadow That Bleeds" and showcase their heavier metal side on with the quick run of "The Girl From The Island." The thirty-minute album closes with the progressive-rock feel of "White Flames On Black Water" and the classic bass metal groove of the nearly eight-minute "To Kill Beneath The Sun." To find out more about Quicksand Dream and their latest release "Beheading Tyrants," please visit their Facebook page at

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