Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CD Review: New Metal Blade Records Releases From Candiria, Wovenwar And Destrage

New York metal band Candiria recently released their latest album titled "While They Were Sleeping" through Metal Blade Records. Their sound has a metalcore foundation with elements of jazz, hip-hop and dub-step that showcases the musicianship within the band. Their new twelve-song release is a concept album that begins with the title-song "While They Were Sleeping" as screaming vocals and blazing guitar riffs quickly change into a jazzy swinging rhythm, which carries over into be-bop metal of "Mereya." The concept of the album tells a tale of a failed musician that rises up against the monarchy of New York City. Candiria move between tempos on the progressive metal sound of "Wandering Light" and display their most cohesive effort in the hard-hitting aggressiveness of "Forgotten." The pounding rhythm of "One Of You Will Betray Me" will get the blood pumping, while "Opaque" shows the band's softer side, which also showcases their range. The album finishes with the rolling nu-metal vocals of "Behind These Walls," the raw, punk-like energy of "With Broken Bones" and the classic deep metal groove of "Servitude." To find out more about Candiria and their latest release "While They Were Sleeping," please visit their Facebook page at

After the acclaimed debut album from heavy metal band Wovenwar, they are ready to release their Metal Blade Records follow-up titled "Honor Is Dead." The new eleven-song release is a darker album than it predecessor and it feels like the band have found their sound that combines hardcore and melodic metal. The album begins with the thunderous pounding of "Confession" and the quick-pace of "Censorship" as vocalist Shane Blay will simply blow you away with his talent. The band motors through the mainstream metal appeal of "Lines In The Sand" before letting up slightly on their pace for the power ballad "Compass." Wovenwar come roaring back with the hard-hitting attack of "Stones Throw" and screams of  "Bloodletter," before finishing with the speed drumming of "130." To find out more about Wovenwar and their latest release "Honor Is Dead," please visit

From Italy comes the latest release titled "A Means To No End" from heavy metal band Destrage. It is the band's fourth full-length release as the band continues to evolve, not allowing them to be place in any specific category as their music touches upon many aspects of metal music. The new twelve song release begins with the experimental build-up of the title-song "A Means To No End," before being taken over by the aggressive screams of the hardcore delivery of "Don't Stare At The Edge." Their sound gets funky with the tempo changes of "Symphony Of The Ego," which has a classic metal appeal. Destrage deliver on the progressive-rock promise with "The Flight" that combines melody and aggressiveness in order to showcase their musical range. They slow the tempo down for the instrumental piece "Ending To A Means," before continuing the second half of the album with the groove-laden appeal of "Peacefully Lost." They finish off the album with thunderous rhythm of "Blah Blah" and the adventurous prog-metal of "Abandon To Random." To find out more about Destrage and their latest release "A Means To No End," please visit their Facebook page at

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