Monday, October 24, 2016

CD Review: New Releases From Indie-Artists James Young, Ray Vaughn And Grit

British musician and author James Young is getting his "Songs They Never Play On The Radio" album reissued through Gonzo Multimedia. Fans will remember Young as a member of the band, Faction along with Nico from the Velvet Underground. After Nico's death in 1988, James Young wrote a book about their adventures together and one year later released the album. It features Young performing mostly solo as companion piece to the book and includes excerpts of Nico talking as Young uses her voice within many of the songs. Highlights of the album included the spoken poem of "Down By The Wannsee," the dark folk-rock delivery of "Burn Away" and live versions of the piano ballads "Dog" and "My Funny Valentine." To find out more about the new reissue of James Young's "Songs They Never Play On The Radio," please visit

San Francisco rocker Ray Vaughn has been a part of the music industry since founding the art rock band Hostages in 1979. Since then, he has left his mark on the west coast music scene and is looking to expand with his latest solo album "Wounded Bird." The new full-band release begins with "Human Calculator" as Vaughn's songwriting captures the full-range of his backing band on this up-beat rocker. He picks the tempo up for the energetic, punk-like delivery of "Wounded Bird," then brings on the western flair of "Change In Latitude" with the full support of his band. He builds up the inspirational "Song For You," before closing his new eight-song release with the wonderful, southern country sound of "Rain" and the acoustic, folk-style storytelling of "It Happened On Willow Street." To find out more about Ray Vaughn and his new album "Wounded Bird," please visit

French rock band Grit recently made their debut with their 3-song EP titled "Live At Kramus Deluxe Studio." It showcases this new four-piece band as a blast of raw energy as they begin their new release with "G.F.Y." They have a garage-rock sound made popular by The Black Keys with an addictive rhythm. They follow that with the grunge-like guitar buzzing of "Ready Or Not," before closing their short release with the punk-like energy of "Sister." Grit has videos on their website for the three songs that make up their new EP and they are performing live in Paris in November. To find out more about this rising underground rock band, please visit

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