Wednesday, October 19, 2016

CD Review: New Releases From Moonjune Records Artists Dewa Budjana, Marbin And Andre Dinuth

International guitarist Dewa Budjana is ready to release his new double-album titled "Zentuary." Helping Dewa out on this new album are Tony Levin (King Crimson), Jack DeJohnette (Herbie Hancock) and Gary Husband (Level 42) and it will be released on Steve Vai's record label, Favored Nations, on October 14th. The new twelve-song release clocks in at 100 minutes, giving you some exciting new jazz fusion adventures, beginning with the Indian-influenced "Dancing Tears." The music gets a little jazzier on the nine-minute delivery of "Solas PM," before Dewa works in his signature, experimental piece, "Lake Takengon" as he uses voices to create rhythm as another instrument. Dewa and his band deliver a calming message to "Dead Yulman," before the international R&B groove of "Crack In The Sky."
The second disc begins with the funky, jazz fusion of "Pancarona" that has a captivating sound, before entering the smooth jazz of the "Manhattan Temple." The album wraps up with eleven-minute jazz fusion build-up of "Uncle Jack" and the short acoustic guitar instrumental "Zentuary." To find out more about Dewa Budjana and his latest release titled "Zentuary," please visit 
Next up is the latest release from Chicago's guitar driven, jamband, Marbin with their latest release "Goat Man & The House Of The Dead." It features nine-tracks, beginning with the exciting, quick-pace of "Buddha Complex," before showing their jazzier side with the songs "Goatman" and "The House Of The Dead." They pick the tempo back up with the rockabilly flavor of "Whiskey Chaser," then finding their "jamband" groove entering "Electric Zombieland." The album closes with the ten-minute sonic adventure into the "Carnival" and the horn/guitar duet of "Escape From Hippie Mountain." To find out more about Marbin and their latest release "Goat Man & The House Of The Dead," please visit 
Finally from Indonesia comes the guitar sensation Andre Dinuth with his sophomore release titled "Here With You." It features ten-tracks of inspiring instrumentals, beginning with his travels of "Sahara" as the music takes on a worldly feel. Dinuth and his band get little funkier on "Fufu" and lets his talents soar on "Rote Island." He slows down for the gentleness of "Solitude" and "Sophie's Song," before ramping back up for the country/rock vibe of "Farm-O-Country." The album finishes with the funky bass line of "Wy Knot" and the seven-plus minute jazz fusion of "Saturn Five." To find out more about Andre Dinuth and his latest release "Here With You," please visit his Facebook page at

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