Monday, November 7, 2016

CD Review: Expand Your Mind With New Music From Almanac Mountain And The Alpacas

From southern New Hampshire comes the latest release from the psychedelic rock band Almanac Mountain titled "Cryptoseismology." The new eleven-song release begins with the spaced-out rock adventure "My Favorite Day (Is Someday)," before heading into the eighties-pop tones of "One Weird Trick (Receding Care Line)." They create a fake beer commercial before returning with the atmospheric ballad "Lilac," which begins with a call-in radio show, but leaves you loving this moody, emotional piece of music. They return to the keyboard-friendly pop of "Contingency Procedure" and continue with the synth-fueled soundscape of "Incubator," before closing the album with the slow, psych-rock of "Harborside." To find out more about Almanac Mountain and their latest release "Cryptoseismology," please visit their Facebook page at

From Canada comes the latest release "The Best Is Behind You" from the alternative rock band The Alpacas. The new eight-song release deals with the passage of time as the band look to capture the energy of their live performances in the studio. Beginning with "Artifacts," The Alpacas inject a raw, punk-like hype into the song, before following with the intense chorus of "Wax" that just lifts your spirits with the song's energy. The band harmonies beautifully on the acoustic strumming ballad of "The Best I Behind You," then pick the tempo back up with the quick pace of "Mezzanine." The album wraps up with the classic punk-rock appeal of "Comb My Hair" that should translate perfectly to the live setting and then close with the quiet, country-like slide guitar strumming of "Satellite." To find out more about The Alpacas and their latest release "The Best Is Behind You," please visit their Facebook page at

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