Monday, November 14, 2016

CD Review: From Canada Comes The Debut Of Sunday Morning & The Latest From Selfoss

From Vancouver, Canada comes the debut album from indie-rock band Sunday Morning. This new art rock band draws similarities to the Velvet Underground with it's monotone opener "Come The Rain." The tempo picks up with the steady rhythm of "Can't Find You," before the band plugs in for the intense, raw punk-rocker "Sick In The City," about dealing with drug withdrawal while in New York City. Lead singer Bruce Wilson does his best Lou Reed impression on art-rock of "1986" and the band motors through the pounding beats of "The Change." The album finishes with the soulful ballad of "Drinking For Two" and soft vocals of Leah Commons on "When Sunday Morning Comes," which was written to combat the weekend noise of the hotel that Wilson lived. Their new self-titled debut album will arrive on December 23rd. To find out more about Sunday Morning, please visit

From Toronto, Canada comes the post-punk/modern rock trio Selfoss with their latest release "Time And Time Again." The new four song EP is the "cream of the crop" from their studio sessions earlier this year. What began as a full-length album got whittled down to these four songs. Beginning with "The Same," their sound has a maturity as you float along to the song's uplifting melody. The music of "Afterglow" sticks close by the "dream pop" synth-sound that was big in the eighties on mainstream radio. Their new album closes with the quiet tones of "Sniper" as you get locked into the song's dream-like vocals. To find out more about Selfoss and their latest release "Time And Time Again," please visit

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