Sunday, November 20, 2016

CD Review: The "Legacy" Of David Bowie Presented In New Greatest Hits Release

Davie Bowie, the iconic pop superstar, lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, closing the final chapter in his legacy. His solo career lasted almost five decades, creating some of the most memorable tunes to ever appear on popular radio. Just as his songs are timeless, so was his image, changing form numerous times since his debut in 1967. To celebrate his life and career, Sony Legacy in association with Columbia Records is releasing a new career retrospective from David Bowie titled "Legacy." It became available in a number of formats, including vinyl, a single-CD and as a double-CD.
The single CD features 20-tracks of some of Bowie's most well-known radio hits in no particular order. It begins with the up-tempo rock swing of "Let's Dance" and closes with the radio edit of one of his latest singles "Lazarus." The stand-out track on this collection is the new, unreleased 2016 remix of his 1971 single "Life Of Mars," which uses more orchestration than the previously released version.
Fans of David Bowie's music will want to look into obtaining the 2-CD, 40-track version which includes almost all of his well-known songs in chronological order. The set begins with the folk-rock breakthrough of "Space Oddity" and closes with "I Can't Give Everything Away," which appeared as the last song on Bowie's last album "Blackstar." The music sounds better than it ever has on this new compilation, even though many of the tracks on this release feature the original single mix and not the album version. The single versions of songs like "Golden Years" and "Heroes" may upset some fans, but with two-discs filled to the brim with music, the single version is better than having no version or missing out on other songs.
Bowie's collaborations with Queen, Mick Jagger, The Pat Metheny Group and The Pet Shop Boys display how Bowie was the star of every song he was a part of. The double-vinyl release mirrors the track list of the single CD. This is the best, most comprehensive collection of David Bowie's singles and is a great gateway for new fans to discover this unique, one-of-a-kind pop star. To find out more about David Bowie's "Legacy," please visit

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