Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CD Review: New Debut Albums From Singer/Songwriters Anna Atkinson And Alison Clancy

Canadian singer/songwriter Anna Atkinson recently released her debut album "Sky Stacked Full." The album was recorded over a five month period and deals with many meaningful subjects, including the death of her parents and sacred childhood memories. Anna also invited guitarist/producer David Occhipinti to lend a hand on her new album. Beginning with the gentle touch of "Showshoe," you instantly fall in love with her voice. Her new ten-song release continues with the classic folk-style of "Water" and "When We Were Young" as her voice demands your full attention. The music of "Silver" just floats on by with its pulsating keyboards and smooth guitar work. The album closes with the quietness of "In December" and the piano-led folk storytelling of "Winter Wind." To find out more about Anna Atkinson and her latest release "Sky Stacked Full," please visit

New York City singer/songwriter Alison Clancy recently released her debut album titled "Psycho Tyko." The album is a combined effort of Clancy's love for performing and her chance meeting with NYC producers Cliff Lin and Marisa Cristina. The new seven-song release is packed with heavy synthesizer beats and a grunge/punk/pop driven electronic trip. Beginning with "Waste My Days," you become driven by the beats as Alison's voice is soft and soothing among the electronic backdrop. The title-song "Psycho Tyko" has a more aggressive tone as Alison bounces her vocals off the electro-wall of sound. The deep bass groove of "Tried2CallUButIDidntHaveUrNumber" will get you moving to this song's retro beat, before Alison closes her new album with the up-tempo, modern post-punk delivery of "French" and the steady musical landscape of "Starlight Clementine." To find out more about Alison Clancy and her latest release "Psycho Tyko," please visit

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