Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Distant Sun, Invertia And Heavens Decay

Arriving on November 18th is the sophomore release from Russian thrash metal giants Distant Sun. The new album titled "Into The Nebula" revolves around the subject of sci-fi/fantasy sagas like "Dune" and "Game Of Thrones." The new ten-song release begins with the speed of "My Trust." As you listen further into this album you'd think Dave Mustaine started another band as singer Alexey Markov draws strong similarities to the thrash metal legend. The thunderous pounding of "Game Of War" and the aggressively addictive melody of "God Emporer" will have you stand up and take notice of this new band. The musicianship among this trio showcase their progressive metal side on the seven-minute instrumental "Andromeda" and tell the tales of "Game Of Thrones" in "Throne Of Iron." The album finishes with the epic, European wonder of "The Tharks" and the mainstream metal of "Who's To Blame," which sounds like it came from the Metallica songbook. To find out more about Distant Sun and their latest release "Into The Nebula," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up is the latest release, "The Biddings Of Tyrants," from Industrial Metal duo Invertia. Their music combines elements of death metal, punk and electronics to create an intense, mind-numbing sound that is hard to resist. Their new ten-song release begins with howling vocals of "Another Big Brother" as the song's rhythm fires off like a machine gun. They continue the onslaught with the fast-pace of "Dystopiate" and the intense, soul-crushing rhythm of "Thetan Hop." Invertia work up the perfect death metal anthem with "Scattered," before finishing with the mach speed of "Trapped & Tailored." To find out more about Invertia and their new release "The Biddings Of Tyrants," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally we arrive at the debut release from Heavens Decay. The new album titled "The Great Void Of Mystery" will arrive on December 12th, through Chaos Records. The band is the brainchild of Death Metal guitarist Julio Viterbo, who decided to go back to his early heavy metal roots with this new band. They bring back the power and force of the early eighties New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with "Born In Fire" as Viterbo's guitar work electrifies the song. Nick Hernandez soars on "Where The Ravens Fly Free" as his vocals almost fit alongside the late-great Ronnie James Dio. Drummer Oscar Clorio delivers the driving rhythm behind "Ritual Site" and the energy of "Reaper In Wait" showcases the band's hunger for success. The album closes with the nearly nine-minute epic progressive adventure "Endless Fire." To find out more about Heavens Decay and their latest release "The Great Void Of Mystery," please visit their Facebook page at

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