Friday, November 4, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Prog-Rock Artists The Raptor Trail, Richard Palmer-James And Kaipa DaCapo

From North Carolina comes the latest release titled "Devil On An Indian" from progressive rock trio The Raptor Trail. The concept of the new album deals with a young man coming to grips with his Native American heritage after being raised with Christian morality. The new ten-song release begins with "Ten Bears," which sounds like an outtake from the Allman Brothers Band as the song's southern rock groove gets highlighted by some exceptional guitar solos. The Raptor Trail deliver some more amazing guitar work on "How The West Was Won" and get heavier with the hard rock delivery of "Quaker Pets." The rhythmic tone of "Dream Catcher" gives off a Native American Indian feel, while the band expand upon their sound with the atmospheric eight-minutes of "Wolf Medicine." The album continues with the electrifying, jamband groove of "Froth Squelch," before finishing with epic rock adventure "The Vanishing Point" and the classic prog-metal appeal of "Red Giant" as the band inject more energy into their sound. To find out more about The Raptor Trail and their latest release "Devil On An Indian," please visit

British singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Palmer-James recently released his debut solo album titled "Takeaway." After spending over 40 years in the music industry as a member of the prog-rock bands King Crimson and Supertramp, Palmer-James though it was about time to write songs for himself to sing instead of someone else. The new thirteen song release begins with the collage of styles within "Aerodrome" as he reminisces about the old days. He swings with the classic, up-tempo rhythm of "A Very Bad Girl" and spins his lyrical magic with "Baker's Dozen." He brings in a little country twang with the steady rhythm of "Dance For Me," before slowing down for the quiet acoustics of "Halfremembered Summer." He tells the tales of the "Highway Code" and shakes things up with the up-tempo shuffle of "Doing Time," before finishing with the wonderfully warming words of "Takeaway." To find out more about Richard Palmer-James and his latest release "Takeaway," please visit

Swedish progressive rock legend Kaipa DaCapo recently released his first new studio album in 35 years. The new release titled "Darskapens Monotoni" is sung entirely in his native Swedish language, but its the outstanding musicianship that will have you stand up and taken notice of this veteran musician. The new seven-song release begins with the ten-minute sonic journey of "Nrskapens Monotoni," followed by another ten-minute build-up progressive masterpiece "Nar Jag Var En Pojk." The music just glides along during "Det Tsyta Guldet," before setting up the listener for the seventeen minute, seventies prog-rock journey "Tonerna." The album closes with the up-lifting sound of "Monoliten." To find out more about Kaipa DaCapo and his latest release "Darskapens Monotoni," please visit

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