Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CD Review: New Releases From This Blinding Light, Rev Rev Rev, Citrus Clouds & Davide Moscato

Virginia-based independent music label, Custom Made Music, will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year and to begin the celebration, we have a few of their new releases. We begin with the latest from This Blinding Light titled "Seven Feathers." This five-piece band from Seattle, WA combines elements of grunge, with progressive space-rock to create a truthful, energetic, appealing rock sound. The song titles on the album, indicate that its a concept album as you begin with the six-minute, melodic instrumental build-up toward the "Sun." This Blinding Light continue their sonic journey with the raw, hard rock of "Mercury" and the guitar frenzy of "Venus," which leads into the blast of sound from the "Moon." The album finishes with the nine-minute space-rock adventure 0f "Jupiter" and the grunge-like tone of "Saturn." To find out more about This Blinding Light and their latest release "Seven Feathers," please visit thisblindinglight.com.

Also new from Custom Made Music is the latest release from Italian psychedelic rockers Rev Rev Rev titled "Des fleurs magiques bourdeonnaient." Their new twelve-track album begins with the loud sonic instrumental clash of "Buzzing Flowers Ecstasy." The innocent vocals of "Nightwine" float on top of the grunge-like guitar feedback as Rev Rev Rev begin their sonic journey. The swirling instrumentation of "Travelling Westbound" and the buzzing of guitars during the raw, garage-rock sound of "Caffe" show that the band has no limits to their experimentation with their music. They bring out their hard rock/grunge sound with "A Ring Without An End" and "Ripples," before closing with the psychedelic tones of "Aloft" as the music works it way through your thoughts. To find out more about Rev Rev Rev and their latest release "Des fleurs magiques bourdeonnaient," please visit revrevrev.org.

Next up is the three-piece band from Arizona named Citrus Clouds with their latest album "Imagination." If features ten-tracks that have a rock/pop, showgaze sound. Beginning with the title-song, "Imagination" carries a steady guitar riff, while "The Sun Is In My Eyes" relies more on their vocals to make an impact. Their monotone music swings on "Always Tomorrow" and heads into alternative/pop territory with the energy of "Shapes And Things." Their music lightens up on "Be Eternal," before closing with the guitar buzz of "Monsoon Daze." To find out more about Citrus Clouds and their latest release "Imagination," please visit citrusclouds.bandcamp.com.

Last, but not least we arrive at the latest release from Italian singer/songwriter Davide Moscato. His new album titled "Mental Maze" features eight-tracks, beginning with the mellow tones of "Across The Infinity" as his voice captures the mood perfectly. He picks the tempo up with the more pop oriented rhythm of "From The Ashes" and performs a beautiful duet with Giovanna Dimasi on the experimental pop/opera of "Love & Psyche." The album finishes with the alternative country of "So Lost" and the piano/electronic feel of "Signals." To find out more about Davide Moscato and his latest release "Mental Maze," please visit facebook.com/davide.moscato.7.

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