Sunday, November 6, 2016

CD Review: Suicidal Tendencies Find The "World Gone Mad" & CRX Debuts With "New Skin"

California thrash metal band Suicidal Tendencies recently released their 12th studio album "World Gone Mad" at the end of September. It is the first album to feature former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, as well as newcomers Jeff Pogan on guitar and Ra Diaz on bass along with long-time guitarist Dean Pleasants. Suicidal Tendencies recently wrapped up a tour with Megadeth (show review: and have two headlining slots left on November 18th & 19th before heading over to Europe in early 2017. Mike Muir, original lead singer of the band, has mentioned that "World Gone Mad," may be the last Suicidal Tendencies album.

The new eleven-song release begins with their new single "Clap Like Ozzy," which fully displays the band fast-pace, thrash metal sound. They follow with the hard-hitting, nu-metal appeal of "The New Degeneration" as the tempo quickens throughout this six-minute sonic adventure. Dave Lombardo gets to flex his drumming skills on "Living For Life" and the band kicks it into high gear with "Get Your Fight On." They add some of their punk influences to the quickness of "One Finger Salute," before finishing the album with the seven-minute epic "Still Dying To Live" and the melodic poetry of "This World." If this does happen to be the last studio album from Suicidal Tendencies, then at least they left a lasting impression that will have you banging your head for generations to come. To find out more about Suicidal Tendencies and their latest release "World Gone Mad," please visit

Also, from Los Angeles, CA comes the debut album, "New Skin" from the newly formed rock band CRX. Fronted by Nick Valensi, guitarist for The Strokes, CRX fill their debut album with 30 minutes of riff-filled, energetic musical pieces. The ten-song album begins with the synthesizer/guitar infused pop anthem "Ways To Fake It." The music gets pumped with adrenaline for the stomp-rhythm of "Give It Up" and continues with the polished garage-rock energy of "Anything." CRX then display their eighties punk/new wave influence on "Walls." The album closes with the quick-pace of "On Edge" and the exciting, wildly addictive beats of "Monkey Machine." CRX are currently on a U.S. tour which runs into December. To find out more about their debut album "New Skin," please visit

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