Thursday, November 17, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Serbian Heavy Metal Band Armageddon Releases Anthology Box Set

From Serbia comes the new three-disc release from heavy metal band Armageddon. The new box set titled "Triptych" covers the band's musical journey from 1989 to 2015. The first disc titled "Time Machine" is a compilation of band's development, beginning with "Sound Of Thunder" from their 2002 album "Heavy Metal Saga." Their sound taps the vein of the Dio-era of Black Sabbath with their metal chords and mystical lyrics. The earliest track on this album is "Black Swan Rider," which feels inspired by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and was released on the band's first EP. Band leader Djordje Letic excelled on the 1994 release of "United Forces" as the songs "Clouds In The Sky" and "Memories" showcased the wide range of his compositions. Armageddon displays their softer side with two different renditions of "Sinners' Blues," before closing out the first disc with the baroque-metal instrumental "She" and the quiet, acoustic picking of "Whisper Of The Past."
The second disc covers the band's more recent releases between 2012 to 2015. The journey begins with the 70-second spoken word of "In Search Of Eldorado," which leads into the thunderous delivery of "Eldorado." Eight of the fourteen tracks on this disc feature live versions of their songs taken from the 2013 heavy metal festival "Loud, Proud And Deaf." Armageddon stretch out for the eleven-minute epic "Seth Will Rise/Anubis/Demons Advice" as they showcase more of their progressive metal side. The amazing guitar work of "Mordor/Black Swan Rider" and the power of "City In The Sea," gives fans insight into their live show. The third disc of the set is a live DVD of the "Live After Halloween" show from 2013. It was performed live, without and audience," mainly for journalists. To find out more about this new three-disc box set from Armageddon, please visit

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