Saturday, December 17, 2016

CD Review: Audio Fidelity Revives Jazz Classics From Weather Report & Return To Forever

Two new recent releases from the Audio Fidelity catalog feature albums from jazz-fusion greats Weather Report and Return To Forever.  Return To Forever was led by the legendary pianist Chick Corea. They released seven albums in five years, their last album "Musicmagic" was a top five hit on the Billboard album chart in 1977 and is the subject of one of Audio Fidelity's latest releases.
The six-songs that make up "Musicmagic" are adventurous as Return To Forever continued to push the boundaries of jazz, incorporating elements of R&B. The funky bass line of "The Musician" is felt on this new remastered version of the album. Kevin Gray from Cohearent Audio did another amazing job with the audio on this release as the vocals of "Hello Again" just float above the horns. The subtle differences in clarity will have you listening to "Musicmagic" in a whole new light. The Broadway-like delivery of "Do You Ever" and the electronic jazz/funk of "The Endless Night" sound bright and exciting, as if you were in the studio during the recording of the album.
Another 70's milestone in world of jazz fusion was the 1975 release of Weather Report's fifth studio album "Tale Spinnin'." It is the only album from Weather Report to feature Leon "Ndugu" Chancler on drums. This new remastered version of the album gives his drums a fuller sound that makes more of an impact in the songs "Lusitanos" and "Freezing Fire." The funky bass groove of "Between The Thighs" will have your speakers shaking, while the subtle of "Badia" will sound refreshing to your ears. The piano/horn interlude of "Five Short Stories" sounds amazing on this new Audio Fidelity release. To find out more about these two new releases from Audio Fidelity, please visit

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