Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CD Review: Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough Team Up For "Mockingbird Soul" And Lori Cullen Covers Ron Sexsmith & Kurt Swinghammer

Nashville-based artists Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough have finally released their first official, full-length collaboration titled "Mockingbird Soul." It will be available at the end of January and features collaborations with The Wood Brothers. Brigitte and Will have worked together before on a number of songs for each others albums, but this is the first complete work by these two amazing folk artists.
The new album features a dozen tracks, beginning with the wonderful harmonizing of "Everything" among the gentle acoustic backdrop. Kimbrough takes the lead on the Americana tone of "Broken Fences" and DeMeyer delivers the perfect blues-tone for "The Juke." Chris Wood of The Wood Brothers plays bass on the countrified-funk rhythm of "Rainy Day" as you can easily find the song's swinging groove. DeMeyer and Kimbrough bring their voices together once again for the acoustic ballad "Little Easy" and the more up-tempo strumming of "I Can Hear Your Voice." The wonderful tale of "Carpet Bagger's Lullaby" features Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers on vocals, before closing the album with their cover of the Incredible String Band's "October Song," which reaches up to the six-minute mark. To find out more about Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough's new release "Mockingbird Soul," please visit conqueroo.com/demeyer.
Canadian singer/songwriter Lori Cullen recently released her new album titled "Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs." If features her versions of songs composed by Ron Sexsmith and Kurt Swinghammer, which also feature her special style of combining elements of jazz, pop, folk and chamber music. The new twelve-song release begins with the smooth, fun sounds of "Face Of Emily" as her voice captures your heart, especially during the jazzy-pop of "Miracle Home." Her voice and the music opens up on "New Love" as she begins to draw similarities to the early days of Norah Jones. The quietness of "This Morning" and "Some Part Of Me" reflect the gentleness in her voice, while "True" closes the album with a relaxing, rainy-day jazz backdrop. To find out more about Lori Cullen and her latest release "Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs," please visit loricullen.com.

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