Sunday, December 11, 2016

CD Review: The Buckaroos Back Don Rich And Buck Owens On New Releases While Whitney Rose Brings Us Down To "South Texas"

Omnivore Recordings continues to roll out classic music from Buck Owens and Don Rich as they've both led The Buckaroos between 1957 to 1970. The newly released 2CD set "The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966" focuses on 56 A-sides and B-Sides released by Buck Owens and The Buckaroos. Some of these songs have been featured in other Buck Owens' compilations, but this is the first set to collect them all in one complete set. All of the songs have been newly remastered from the original mono single reels and have never sounded better as every instrument is clear and the vocal sound pure.

The set features many of Buck Owens well-known singles like "Above And Beyond," "Foolin' Around" and "Act Naturally" that has helped shape the landscape of country music. All of the information on each single and B-side featured in this set is located in the accompanying 20-page booklet. Buck Owens and The Buckaroos turn any cover song into one of their own as with "Save The Last Dance For Me" and "Kickin' Our Hearts Around." They also have fun with songs like "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" and "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy," then add a Beatles-type sound to the instrumental "Buckaroo." Each disc is packed with 28-tracks that cover the heyday of Buck Owens and The Buckaroos.

During this period, Don Rich was the lead guitarist of The Buckaroos and when Buck Owens wasn't using them for his backing band, Don Rich would take every opportunity to get them into the studio. A new 18-song compilation titled "Guitar Pickin' Man" features tracks from ten of The Buckaroo's albums, which feature Don Rich on lead vocals and Buck Owens on guitar along with Rich. The set leads off with the previously unreleased Hee Haw version of "Guitar Pickin' Man" as Rich feels right at home behind the microphone. The compilation mixes together instrumentals like "Bossa Nova Buckaroo Style" and "Chicken Picken'" with country/pop hits like "Hello California" and "Number One Heel." This set of songs showcases how innovative Don Rich was as a musician and a singer.

 These two sets of songs give insight into the journey of Buck Owens and Don Rich as they became the kings of country music during the sixties. Their music has become influential to many of today's artists as we need to listen to these reminders of how good classic country music was. To find out more about Buck Owens and The Buckaroo's "The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966," please visit and to find out more about Don Rich and The Buckaroos "Guitar Pickin' Man," please visit

From Austin, TX comes the latest album from country sweetheart Whitney Rose. She will be releasing "South Texas Suite" on January 27th and it features only six songs that carry a rich, country sound. Beginning with the slow waltz of "Three Minute Love Affair," you will begin to fall in love with her vocals all over again. The sultriness of "Analog" and the country swing of "My Boots" are the perfect setting for her flawless vocal delivery. Her new short release finishes with "Lookin' Back On Luckenbach," as her emotions are delivered wonderfully in her songwriting and the up-tempo instrumental romp of "How 'Bout A Hand For The Band." To find out more about Whitney Rose and her latest release "South Texas Suite," please visit

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