Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Entrapment, Gravebreaker & Workhorse III

Death Metal band Entrapment recently released their new album titled "Through Realms Unseen." It features eleven, hard-hitting, aggressive tunes, lead by the group's mastermind Michel Jonker. What began as a one-person recording project has grown into this Swedish death metal juggernaut. Beginning with the solid metal groove of "Omission," the growling vocals of Jonker sets the tone for the rest of the album. The energy remains high on "The Seeker" and "Ruination" as Entrapment motors through the songs driving rhythm. The screaming vocals of "Withering Souls" and the thunderous rhythm of "Isolated Condemnation" will certainly have you banging your head and and fists in praise to this latest release from Entrapment. To find out more about their new album, "Through The Realms Unseen," please visit their Facebook page at
Also from Sweden is the debut album, "Sacrifice" from old-school style, heavy metal band, Gravebreaker. The sound on this new ten-song release has a nostalgic feel as it brings you back to the early days of the genre. Gravebreaker brings together elements of Motorhead and Dio in the opener, "Overdrive" as their music contains all the elements that make heavy metal music great. They turn up the energy on the Judas Priest-like sound of "Gravebreaker," then show off their musicianship with "At The Gates Of Hell." Their song "Kill And Kill Again" seem like it came straight from the Megadeth songbook, while the energy of "Pray For Death" gives their music a youthful, hungry sound. To find out more about Gravebreaker and their latest release "Sacrifice," please visit 
Arriving December 9th is the third self-released album from Philadelphia rock band Workhorse III. The new album titled "Closer To Relevance" continues to deliver a classic, guitar-driven, riff-fueled, high energy sound on their new set of twelve tracks. Beginning with the quick-hitting "War Torn City," their sound crosses the barriers of thrash and punk as they perform a raw, kick-ass version of Def Leppard's song, "Wasted." A blazing, electrifying guitar riff leads Workhorse III through "Holly Roller" and the punk-like energy of "What's The Point" has a great, addictive sound. The album wraps up with the thunderous power of "Life Of Crime" and the acoustic strumming, sing-along chorus of "I Can't Forget." To find out more about Workhorse III and their latest release "Closer To Relevance," please visit their Facebook page at

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