Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Independent Artists Scott Taylor, Les Bohem & Sweet Soubrette

From Washington, DC comes the latest release from blues artist Scott Taylor. His new album titled "Blues Kitchen" features eleven-tracks that dig back into the pure guitar blues sound. The album begins with "Painting The Town" as Taylor shows off his chops on the guitar with a smooth-style guitar solo. The album's first single, "Tennessee" is a slow-blues as you can feel the emotion in Taylor's performance. He slips in some funk for the storied lyrics of "Sweet Daddy Brown" and delivers a steady rhythm during "Alabama Babe" as the harmonica solo highlights the song. The album closes with the classic electrifying blues romp of "Earthquake" and the quiet piano-led "I Wasn't In My Right Mind." To find out more about Scott Taylor and his latest release "Blues Kitchen," please visit his Facebook page at

LA folk artist Les Bohem recently release his debut solo album titled "Moved To Duarte." His music has been covered by Emmylou Harris and Randy Travis and his new 22-song release displays his wonderful songwriting. The album begins with the quiet, acoustic strumming of "The Moral Premise" as Bohem delivers what's on his mind through his weathered vocals. His lyrics for "Put A Band-Aid On My Life" are a spoken truth and "Just Before It Gets Dark" is a slow, meaningful blues tune. He switches gears to a more country-friendly acoustic piece with "Oh, The Stars Shine Bright" and "Fancy Footwork." He continues with the dark tones of "Alhambra" and the brilliant poetry of "When We Used To Get High." The album wraps up with Bohem giving us more insight into his perspective  of "Everything From A To Z" and how he depressed he feels "If I Lose My Cat." To find out more about Les Bohem and his latest release "Moved To Duarte," please visit

Brooklyn-based band, Sweet Soubrette recently released their fourth studio album "Big Celebrity." It features 11-tracks, beginning with the sweeping sounds of "Ghost Ship" as you instantly fall in love with Ellia Bisker's vocals. The large ensemble included in "Big Celebrity" adds a cabaret feel to their overall sound, while "Night Owls" is a sweet, lush ballad that will ease your worries away. The softness of "Oahu" and the pop-tones of "Settle For Less" showcase the diversity in the band's sound, before closing with the storied folk strumming of "Take It Easy" and "Robber's Daughter." To find out more about Sweet Soubrette and their latest release "Big Celebrity," please visit

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