Thursday, December 15, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Bob Beland, Jordan Hurwitz And J French

From Los Angeles, CA comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Bob Beland titled "Left Of Center." The new album contains nine new recordings and one song from 1983 titled "It's Alright With Me Mr. Bob." The song features Bob's recording partner, David Beebe on drums who passed away prior to the release of this album. The new release continues with the pop tones of "Off The Handle" and the classic, Tom Petty like rocker "The Lost Highway." Bob Beland has fun with the lyrics of the love story "It'll Take Overtime" and works the blues into the unforgettable chorus of "Sloppy Joe." The album finishes with the quiet acoustics of "Who'll Save The World?" and the sweet innocence of "One Bright Burning." To find out more about Bob Beland and his latest release "Left Of Center," please visit his Facebook page at

From San Francisco comes the fourth release from singer/songwriter Jordan Hurwitz titled "Lovesick." It was produced by 3-time Grammy winner Narada Michael Walden and features six tracks that capture the young artists' addictive R&B/pop sounds. The new album begins with the up-tempo, jazz infused swing of "I Love Your Abs" and the up-lifting spirit of "Power." The short twenty-seven minute album finishes with the wonderful vocals of Jordan Hurwitz on the R&B flavor of "Riverbank" and "Hurricane," before closing with the dance/pop beats of "Lovesick." To find out more about Jordan Hurwitz and her latest release "Lovesick," please visit

From Oklahoma City comes the debut album from rapper/producer J French with "Jaguar Jesus." J French is the son of Grammy-winning reggae artist Brother Num of Burning Spear and has been introduced to the music industry when he was 12 years old. His new 12-song release begins with the addictive sounds of "X-Ray Vision," featuring Ivy Whitten on back-up vocals. He delivers the strong beats of "Electric Paris" and brings Nicole Alyse aboard to help on the chorus of "Unsatisfied" as J French just rolls out the rhymes. The beats are big on "Check," while "Reign Fly" has a jazzy backdrop that smooths out the song's lyrics. The album finishes with sweet seventies style beats of "Such An Art" and smooth flow of rhymes in "Clouds." To find out more about J French and his latest release "Jaguar Jesus," please visit

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