Wednesday, December 28, 2016

CD Review: Rick Cutler Gives Us "Daydreams" And Donnie Biggins Debuts His Solo "Profiles"

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Rick Cutler will be releasing his brand new studio album titled "Daydreams (Probably)," on February 10th. It will be his first album to feature songs other than his own. The new 21-song collection begins with with the gentle striking of cymbals, before leading into the classical piano solo "Overalls." Cutler performs all of the instruments himself on this new release and only invites a guest to join him on vocals for two of the album's three cover songs. Singer Branice McKenzie lends her talents to Stevie Wonder's "Black Orchid" as the song delivers its universal message. The other cover song with vocals, features Charlotte Durkee turning Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" into an innocent prayer. The third cover song to appear on Cutler's new release is Wayne Shorter's "Sanctuary," in which Cutler cuts the song's length in half, only performing the beginning of this jazz classic. Cutler's wonderful solo piano pieces keeps the music at a relaxed tone that flows throughout the entire album. To find out more about Rick Cutler and his latest release "Daydreams (Probably)," please visit

From Chicago comes the solo debut album, "Profiles" from the leader of The Shams Band, Donnie Biggins. His new 11-song release features a nostalgic, sixties rock/pop sound, beginning with the album's lead single "Lula." While the song has a slow swinging groove, it features Donnie's knack for writing catchy lyrics and memorable melodies. He follows that up with the more up-tempo surf-rock of "Closer To You" and the folk delivery of "People Killing People." He showcases his country side with "Yes, It's Hard" and "Twenty Eight Years Old," before returning to the song-writing adventures of "No New Names" and "A Mind That's Been Lost." To find out more about Donnie Biggins and his latest release "Profiles," please visit

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