Saturday, December 3, 2016

CD/Blu-Ray Review: Concord Bicycle Music Celebrates 25 Years Of "Out Of Time" From R.E.M.

From Athens, GA in 1980 came this underground rock band that would end up helping shape the worlds of alternative rock and pop rock music. R.E.M. were considered one of the first "alternative" rock bands, producing music that was different from the normal radio-friendly hits of the eighties. Their sound began to get noticed at college campuses around the U.S., until 1991 when R.E.M. released the album "Out Of Time."
After growing their fanbase with their first six albums, their seventh album, "Out Of Time" would send the band into superstardom as it topped the U.S. and U.K. album charts. It has since gone on to sell over 12 million copies and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark album, Concord Bicycle is releasing a 3CD/Blu-ray super deluxe edition of the album.
The original 11-track album was remastered as songs like "Low" and "Half A World Away" sound strikingly strong. The album was led by the hit singles "Losing My Religon" and "Shiny Happy People," but R.E.M. kept some of their underground, alternative sound alive in the tracks "Texarkana" and "Belong." They even expanded their sound with the deep acoustic, meaningful lyrics of "Country Feedback" and the uplifting pop tones of "Me In Honey."
Fans will fall in love with the second and third discs in this set which features demos and live versions of almost every song on the album. The 19-track second disc begins with an instrumental version of "Losing My Religion," which sets the stage and gives the listener a tiny insight into the creative process these songs took. Songs like "Radio" and "Texarkana" appear multiple times, in different forms which helped shaped the final product. The disc also carries a guitar instrumental "Untitled Demo," a lovely short acoustic song titled "40 Sec." and the quiet, monotone delivery of "Fretless."
Disc three contains R.E.M.'s performance at Mountain Stage in 1991. It contains the band's entire 15 song set and it was rare that the band performed live as they did not promote the album with a tour. The Blu-ray contains the "Out Of Time" album in 5.1 surround sound as well as eight music videos and an additional promotional video titled "Time Piece," which gives fans an in-studio look and exclusive performances of songs from the album.
This new 25th anniversary of R.E.M.'s "Out Of Time album is also available on a 3LP vinyl set and as 2CD "Deluxe Edition," which contains the newly remastered album and the full disc of demos. To find out more about this great release of this truly iconic album, please visit

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