Monday, December 19, 2016

DVD Review: Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of The Australian Made Festival With New DVD

During the summer of 1986, the Australian Made festival took place in six different cities and the bands INXS, Jimmy Barnes, Divinyls, Models, The Saints, The Triffids and I'm Talking performed for over a 140,000 fans. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival, Sony Music Australia is releasing the film "Australian Made: 30th Anniversary Edition" on Blu-ray and DVD. It features the original 85 minute film along with over 30 minutes of bonus material.

The film gives you an inside look backstage during the festivals, as well as a what it was like to be a fan at these shows. Performances by INXS, Jimmy Barnes and The Divinyls highlight the film. It's great to see these bands just prior to their popularity in the U.S. blowing up to where they would be heading their own arena shows around the world. Just seeing Michael Hutchence of INXS having a great time backstage is worth the price of this video. It is also great to see interviewer Troy Davies interact with the performers as well as the audience in order to get the full vibes from these shows. Director Richard Lowenstein does a masterful job keeping the energy flowing between artists' performances and the fans watching.

Local favorites The Divinyls and the Models receive such a positive reactions from fans for their performances as shown in the film. In just 3 years, The Divinyls would have the #1 single in Australia and a top five seller in the U.S. The style of clothes and hair in the eighties may have been over-the-top, but it's the live performances of all the bands that put everything into perspective as to how big this festival was in Australia. The closing song of "Good Times," performed by INXS and Jimmy Barnes summed up the attitude of the eighties as the future of all these bands would go in different directions. This film is the perfect snapshot of a moment in time that would be the center of the music universe. To find out more about the new 30th anniversary edition of the "Australian Made" film, please visit

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