Thursday, December 22, 2016

LP/CD Review: New Music From Rock Legends Ministry Along With Cloak & Dagger And The Velvet Ants

Industrial rock legends Ministry recently released their long-awaited, double-album collection of early rare tracks titled "Trax! Rarities." It was released on December 9th through Cleopatra Records and covers Ministry's Wax Trax! era of songs. The new double, four-sided LP begins with a four-song live set from July 1982 as you get a feel for the foundation that Ministry had to build before venturing into more industrial rock territory. Songs like "Love Change" and "America" have a sythesizer-driven, new wave sound in this live setting. The next set of songs are from Ministry's 1982/83 demo, beginning with the eighties, keyboard-filled "Same Old Madness" and the up-beat tones of "Let's Be Happy." The second LP in the set features eight more tracks from Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen's bands Revolting Cocks, PTP, Pailhead and 1000 Homo DJs. The two remaining Ministry songs "I See Red" and "Self Annoyed" will sound more familiar to Ministry fans as they showcase their development into their iconic industrial rock sound. To find out more about the latest release from Ministry titled "Trax! Rarities," please visit

From Perth comes the sophomore release from the hardcore metal band Cloak & Dagger." There new EP was released on December 2nd through their new record label, Imminence Records. It features six tracks, beginning with the classical instrumentation of "Snowfall" as the screaming vocals give the song its aggressive edge. The intensity of the music picks-up with "Balance" and "Ruin," before quickly finishing the album with the speedy energy of "Dead To The World" and the explosive screams of "Graveyard." To find out more about Cloak & Dagger and their latest release "Balance," please visit their Facebook page at

From Boston, MA comes the latest release titled "Blacklight Press" from the alternative rock band The Velvet Ants. Some of the songs on this new album date back over 15 years as the band gathered their ten favorite tracks for this release. It begins with up-tempo, alternative pop tones of "Prop Me Up," before getting more aggressive with the punk-like guitar fury of "Nothing." They slow down for the melodic ballad "Two Sox," before returning back to the guitar riff driven "Kitsch." The album finishes with the grunge-like, Nirvana-feel of "Dead Rose" and the addictive pop tones of "Vapor Street." To find out more about The Velvet Ants and their latest release "Blacklight Press," please visit their Facebook page at

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