Saturday, January 7, 2017

CD Review: Curtis McMurtry Delivers A Retro-Sounding Release With "The Hornet's Nest"

From Austin, TX comes the new album from singer/songwriter Curtis McMurtry titled "The Hornet's Nest." It will be released in February 2017 and uses a chamber ensemble to create a new avenue for folk/Americana music. The new thirteen-song release begins with the starkness of "Hard Blue Stones" as McMurtry's poetic lyrics work along a single strumming banjo. The music of "Smooth As Thorns" begins to fill your speakers as the song features a gospel-like quality. He delivers a retro sound on the up-tempo, jazziness of "Love Me More" and the stomp-rhythm of "Wrong Inflection" become very addictive.
The softness of "Bayonet" allows you follow his wonderful, storied lyrics as the music enhances the song's emotions. McMurtry uses the blank spaces in "Coward" to deliver is passion for his words. The album finishes with the short ballad of "Together For Now," the wonderful mainstream Americana feel of "Shot At The Title" and the dark tones of "Silver World." To find out more about Curtis McMurtry and his latest release "The Hornet's Nest," please visit

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