Thursday, January 5, 2017

CD Review: Hard Rockers Killer Bee Return With Their "Eye In The Sky" Album

Swedish rock band Killer Bee have been flying under the radar for almost a quarter of a century. They have played at numerous festivals throughout their 25 year career and have performed along side such greats as Elton John, Page & Plant, Megadeth and R.E.M. After peeling off three albums in four years in the late-nineties, the band took a twelve year hiatus before returning in 2012 with their newly inspired hard rock album "Hell And Back." Since then, Killer Bee have released four more albums over the course of the last five years. Their latest album "Eye In The Sky" was unleashed just prior to the new year and features ten brand new songs that should finally help Killer Bee fly onto the hard rock radar.
The new album took most of 2016 to record and begins with the high-energy rocker "Eye In The Sky." Guitars come out blazing on this classic-sounding opener and continues with the power rhythm of "Shout It Out." Two of the albums early singles, "Higher And Higher" and "Joystick Warrior" have given Killer Bee new life as their sound mixes together a classic hard rock, Motley Crue-sound with the electricity and energy of The Scorpions. The album's latest single, "Get On Board" (video: is the band's new "battle cry," as Brian "Bee" Frank's vocals are outstanding and demand recognition. The album finishes with the screams of "Right Between The Eyes" and steady drive of "By My Side." 
The Killer Bee will be performing a couple of shows in California at the end of the month, before heading over to Europe for a dozen shows in March. To find out more about their latest album "Eye In The Sky," please visit

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