Friday, January 27, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Independent Artists Joe Goodkin, Sarah Beatty & Guido Voza

Singer/Songwriter Joe Goodkin is preparing to release part two of his trinity of EPs. Following the heels of "Record Of Life," which was a very personable album; his new album, "Record Of Loss" features six-songs dealing with the tough emotional state of losing loved ones. Beginning with the story of "Nothing To Lose," Goodkin's lyrics are easy to follow as he sings about this difficult topic. The gentleness of "Never Come Back" and the comfort strumming of "Sarah And Julie" tell personal tales that everyone listening can relate to. His new short album closes with the deep emotional, personal delivery of "For The Loss" as Goodkin finds therapy singing about his own loss. To find out more about indie-folk artist Joe Goodkin and his latest release "Record Of Loss," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Beatty will be releasing her sophomore album, "Bandit Queen" on February 3rd. The album's theme revolves around the mythology of a 19th-century horse thief named Belle Starr. The new 13-song release begins with the storied folk-strumming of "Slaves And Kings" as Sarah's harmonizing vocals are simply beautiful. She plugs in for the horn-infused rock of "We Will Never Be The Same," before getting a jazzier groove flowing through "Dig Before You Sow." She goes all out country on the up-tempo swing of "Prehistoric Sludge" and "Wild Rose" as her good time vocals become very infectious. She finishes her album with two versions of the title song "Bandit Queen" as she pours her soul into the bluesy, acoustic version that closes the album. To find out more about Sarah Beatty and her latest release "Bandit Queen," please visit

Italian musician Guido Voza recently released his latest album titled "Circle." The new 14-song release deals with the metamorphosis of your inner spirit. All of the instruments on this album are performed by Voza, as well as mixing and producing the songs. Beginning with "Metamorphoses: Child," the mellow tones lead into the rhythm-heavy beats of "A New Beginning," before heading into discovering parts 1 & 2 of "A First Movement." Voza gets his rock groove going for the intense guitar instrumentals "Lordship In Wilderness, Pt 1 & 2." He delivers the uplifting tones of "I Will," then builds up the excitement on "What Is Heavy?," before finishing with the appropriately titled "The End," which brings back the mellow tones of the opening song. To find out more about Guido Voza and his latest release "Circle," please visit

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