Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CD Review: New Music From World Renowned Artists Tohpait & Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis

Indonesian guitarist Tohpati returns with his band, Ethnomission, after six years with his new studio album titled "Mata Hati." After coming off one their best critically acclaimed albums "Save The Planet," Tohpati is prepared to continue with the diverse progressive rock feel of his new release. The album begins with the Indian tones of "Janger," which features the Czech Symphony Orchestra. Tohpati and his band lead the listener on an epic journey, while the rhythms of "Pelog Rock" will shake things up on this Eastern-influenced tune. Tohpati's guitar glides along the jazz-infused "Mata Hati" as his band guides the way through this six-and-a-half minute song. Tohpati delivers a bluesy solo within "Berburu," before lifting the mood with the folk-rock experiment "Rancak." The album finishes with the intense delivery of "Pangkur" and the hard rock thunder of "Amaran." To find out more about Tohpati Ethnomission and their latest release "Mata Hati," please visit

Two of the leaders of cutting edge electronic guitar techniques (Mark Wingfield & Markus Reuter) have teamed up with two outstanding, experienced studio wizards (Yaron Stavi & Asaf Sirkis) to create a new album titled "The Stone House." The band just joined together, in the studio without one single note written down. All the music performed on this new release is live, with no overdubs. The six songs featured on "The Stone House" are journeys through sound as each one takes the listener for a ride into the mind of these four musicians. Beginning with "Rush," the song takes unknowing turns as this space rock gems perfectly introduces how skilled the band members are with their instruments. The Pink Floydian sounding "Four Moons" and the hard rock, guitar driven "Silver" are the two shortest songs on the album (5:13 and 8:33 respectively), but both deliver a complete idea from start to finish. The ten-minute "Tarasque" is also a complete adventures experiment, as all the different ingredients work together on the jazz-infused number. The album finishes with the tempo-changing, progressive-rock feel of "Bona Nit Senor Rovira." To find out more about Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis and their latest release "The Stone House," please visit

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