Tuesday, January 31, 2017

CD Review: Surfdog Records Collects The "Greatest Licks" From Dan Hicks

Music pioneer Dan Hicks combined elements of jazz with country to create a swinging time when backed by his band the Hot Licks. He produced over a dozen studio albums during his career, before passing away last February at the age of 74 from cancer. To celebrate his music, Surfdog Records has compiled a new tribute to Dan Hicks with the twelve-song release "Greatest Licks - I Feel Like Singin'."
It begins with the up-tempo country rumble of "Strike It While It's Hot!" as Dan Hicks'  vocals find a special place in your heart for his delivery style. His live performances were legendary as some appear on this new release, including the swing of "Where's The Money?" and bluegrass strumming of  "How Can I Miss You When You Don't Go Away?" He showcases his songwriting talents with the hipster jazz/pop tones of "I Scare Myself" and the waltz of "I Don't Want Love." The compilation includes the Tom Waits cover of "The Piano Had Been Drinkin," with a little pre-story given ahead of it. The album closes with the energetic build-up of "Hey Bartender" and the wonderful classic jazz appeal of "The Blues My Naughty Baby Gave Me."
The release date of "Greatest Licks - I Feel Like Singing," is February 24th. To find out more about Dan Hick and this new release, please visit danhicks.net.

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