Saturday, January 28, 2017

CD/Vinyl Review: Vivian Cook Reaches For "The Long Shot" & Peter Holsapple Releases A New 45 Single

From Los Angeles, CA comes the debut album from singer/songwriter Vivian Cook titled "The Long Shot." It was released on January 27th, through Omnivore Recordings and was produced by R. Walt Vincent (Pete Yorn, Liz Phair). The new eleven-song release begins with the wonderful poetic lyrics of "Know-It-All" as the music demands your attention on this acoustic/rock opener. She add some her theatrical swagger to "Whatever," before delivering the addictive sounds of "Hazy." She slows down for the sweeping melody of "Take Me To The Water" and the heartfelt "Truth." Vivian shows her youth on the energetic tale of "Down To Frat," before finishing with an ode to her city in "Farewell L.A." To find out more about Vivian Cook and her latest release "The Long Shot," please visit

Singer/songwriter Peter Holsapple, who is best known for his work with the dB's and Continental Drifters, felt the urge to record a new solo 45 record. It is his first solo project in over 20 years. The A-side is titled "Don't Mention The War" and is a six-minute story of trying to deal with post-traumatic stress syndrome. The politically charged single has a classic, Neil Young vibe flowing through it. The flip-side is a song called "Cinderella Style," which is a soft, flowing acoustic gem, highlighted by Skylar Gudasz on flute. To find out more about this latest release from Peter Holsapple, please visit

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halfpear said...

Hi, and thanks for the review. Your readers would be better off going to my blog ( to get info. The single is released Feb. 3 on my own label, and y'all can purchase it then from Best always, PeterH