Sunday, February 26, 2017

CD Review: Composer Anthony Partos Provids Music For Oscar Nominated "Tanna"

The Academy Award nominated film "Tanna" recently released its award-winning movie score composed by Antony Partos. Partos is an Australian-born TV and film composer who has won numerous awards for his work on films and in 2015 was named Vice-President of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers. His latest work on "Tanna" has already won awards in his home country for its movie score and the film is nominated for "Best Foreign Language Film."

The movie score features 11-tracks, but only runs about 25 minutes long. The songs are short, but uplifting as Partos allows the music to swirl around and relax your mind. The longest song is five minutes and it impacts the whole soundtrack as the pinnacle piece of music. It brings together deep, dark tones with screeching metallic drumming to give the song a pulse. The rest of the soundtrack features the airy combination of electronic elements and angelic voices to capture the emotions of the movie. To find out more about "Tanna" and it's newly released movie score, please visit

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