Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CD Review: New Albums From Progressive Rock Bands Ape Shifter, Zero Times Everything And YANG

Coming this March is the self-titled debut album from the progressive rock band Ape Shifter. This new trio brings the classic sound of the early days of prog-rock into the 21st century with an edgier, harder rock sound. The members of the band have performed with the likes of Soft Machine, Body Count and Atari Teenage Riot. Their new 11-song release begins with the chugging rhythm section of Florian Walter on bass and Kurty Munch on drums on "Uhluhtc." Guitarist Jeff Aug shows off his chops on the seventies rock of "Revolution Summer" and the frenzied heavy metal guitar attack of "Dopamatic." Ape Shifter keep the instrumentals exciting and energetic with out the need for vocals as they lock into the thunderous delivery of "Hod Rod." Aug gets a little funky with his guitar in "Verdammit" as he brings you to the brink and back. The album finishes with the grittier, aggressive feel of "Ratchet Attack," the dark, bass-driven "Brain-O-Mat" and the up-tempo, addictive guitar riffs of "Superhero Helden." To find out more about Ape Shifter and their new debut album, please visit ape-shifter.com. 

Arriving April 21st is the debut album titled "Sonic Cinema" from Zero Times Everything. This progressive rock trio met at one of Robert Fripp's (King Crimson) Guitar Craft Seminars. Their sound was so different that they were asked to perform at the New York Festival of Light in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 Zero Times Everything created the soundtrack to the art film "Valkyrie Octopus" before entering the studio to create their debut album. The new 10-song release begins with the short, two-minute sonic build-up, which leads into the soft, sweeping tones of "Events In A Field." They get their guitars buzzing for the funktified rock of "Led," before taking you on a sonic journey with "Accident." The band plays with the subtle differences in sound for the experimental tones of "Ghost." The album finishes with the 13-minute electronic adventure of "Vox Populi," (their most politically charged song) and the up-lifting mono-tones of "(The Cathedral Of All Saints)." To find out more about Zero Times Everything and their new debut album "Sonic Cinema," please visit zerotimeseverything.com.

From France comes the new album from the instrumental progressive rock band YANG. It is only the band's third release since 2004 and it showcases the band's maturity over the course of 13 years. Their new album is titled "The Failure Of Words" and features nine tracks as the music pushes the limits of rock, beginning with the aggressive tones of "El Diablo." They slow the tempo down for the fluids sounds of "Six Four Five," before exploding with the hard rock attack of "Iago," which leads you into the 8-minute epic piece "9/8 Variations." YANG deliver the avante garde feel of "Slow Flow (Flux Lent)" and the heavy metal energy of "Indecision," before closing with the jazzier, flowing sound of "Healing." YANG have a couple of show lined up at the moment, but look for more soon. To find out about their latest release "The Failure Of Words," please visit yanggroup.fr.

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