Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving In March From Bungler, Lunar Shadow & Behind The Sun

First from Buffalo, NY comes the new album from hardcore metal band Bungler. Their new release titled "The Nature Of Being New" will be their debut album on Innerstrength Records and will become available on March 3rd. The new 12-song release begins with the powerful screams of "Finders Keepers Takers Leavers" as the music keeps up the quick-pace on this three-minute opener. They keep the tunes exciting with the hardcore metal riffs of "Double Glare" and the intense screams of "Drowning In Oil." The album features a few guests including Anthony Musior (The Traditional), Jorge  Sotomayer and Kyle Birhle (Sirens And Sailors). Bungler finish up their new release with the heavy, pounding rhythm of "Opia" and the throat-ripping, high-powered, energetic screams of "Feed Him Gravel." To find out more about Bungler and their latest release "The Nature Of Being New," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/bunglerband. 
Germany Progressive Metal band, Lunar Shadow are set to release their debut album on March 10th through Cruz Del Sur Music. Their new album titled "Far From Light," features eight songs, beginning with the near ten-minute epic "Hadrian Carrying Stones." The musicianship is amazing as they keep the energy flowing throughout this opening song. The intensity picks up with the guitar wizardry of "They That Walk The Night" and the classic metal riffs of "Frozen Goddess," which motors through the songs. Lunar Shadow slow down for the ballad "Gone Astray," before mixing up the tempos of "The Hour Of Dying," delivering a modern progressive metal masterpiece. The album finishes with hard-hitting, nine-minute story of "The Kraken" and the gentle acoustics of "Earendil." To find out more about Lunar Shadow and their latest release "Far From Light," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/lunarshadowband.

From South Carolina comes the self-released debut studio album from Behind The Sun titled "Post Solis." The new five-song, progressive metal release begins with the screams of "The Fall" as the the howling vocals are the only breaks from the amazing musicianship displayed in the eight-minute opener. Behind The Sun switch tempos on "Pangaea," before diving into the classic heavy metal groove of "Periapsis." The album finishes with eight-minutes of adrenaline-pumping rhythms and the screaming vocals of "Laniakea." To find out more about Behind The Sun and their latest release "Post Solis," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/BHNDTHSN.

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