Friday, February 10, 2017

CD Review: New Music Arriving From Death Metal Bands Six Feet Under And AntropomorphiA

Death Metal giants Six Feet Under return with their 12th studio album titled "Torment." It will be released on February 24th through Metal Blade Records and follows just two years after one of their highest charting album, 2015's "Crypt Of The Devil." The new 12-song release begins with the the chugging rhythm of "Sacrificial Kill" as singer Chris Barnes grinds out the vocals. The energy picks up with the fast-pace of "Exploratory Homicide" as the music becomes much more aggressive with the thunderous pounding of "The Separation Of Flesh From Bone." The military march of "Skeleton" signals the end of the world with it's dark tones and blazing guitar riffs. They add a swinging metal groove to the assault of "Knife Through The Skull," before the doom metal appeal of "Slaughtered As They Slept." The album finishes with steady grueling pace of "Obsidian" and the intense "Roots Of Evil." To find out more about Six Feet Under and their latest release "Torment," please visit their Facebook page at
Fellow death metal band AntropomorphiA are preparing to release their third full-length album on Metal Blade Records titled "Sermon Ov Wrath." It features nine, insanely energetic tracks that showcases why this Dutch band is one of the best in the world. Beginning with the title-song, you are instantly blown away by the shear force of their sound as machine-gun drummer and growling vocals will make your head spin. The extreme intensity of "Suspiria de Profundis" and "Murmur Ov The Dead" leave nothing to chance as they continue their onslaught with the intense drumming motoring the song's energy. The album wraps up with the epic build-up and chugging rhythm of "Within Her Pale Tomb Ov Putrid Lust" along with the guitar frenzy of "In Bestial Decadence." To find out more about AntropomorphiA and their latest release "Sermon Ov Wrath," please visit

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