Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CD Review: New Music From eOne Artists Within The Ruins, American Grim, Black Map & Fit For An Autopsy

Massachusetts metal band Within The Ruins are preparing to release their fifth studio album titled "Halfway Human." The band has been gathering attention since their 2009 debut album "Creature" and are looking to continue their rise to heavy metal dominance. The new album will be released on March 3rd through eOne Music and starts off with the onslaught of "Shape-Shifter" as the growling vocals and electrifying guitar solos highlight the song. Within The Ruins explode with the fast, thunderous pace of "Death Of A Rockstar" and lock into the deathcore groove of "Beautiful Agony." The band plow their way through the aggressiveness of "Bittersweet," then showcase the depths of their song-writing and musicianship with "Objective Realty" and the nearly seven-minute instrumental "Ataxia IV." They close their new album with the insane attack of "Treadstone" as screaming vocals and pounding drums motor through the song's high-energy. To find out more about Within The Ruins and their latest release "Halfway Human," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving February 24th is the debut album titled "Freakshow" from the heavy metal band, American Grim. The band members state that it is the perfect time to release this album, since America is becoming a "Freakshow" and American Grim are ready to lead the charge for change. The new 12-song release begins with the energy blast of "Concrete Jungle." They do not shy away from singing about the dark corners of the world in "Drugs Like Candy," while the music explodes with rage. They bring together the worlds of metal and hip-hop on the swift rhythm of "I Want Out" after vocalist Ryan Healy rips his vocal chords on the chorus of "The Guns." They hit more of a mainstream metal vibe with "Doctor Doc," before finishing with the battle cry of "Get Loud" and the pounding, nu-metal bonus track "Bodies All Around." To find out more about American Grim and their new release "Freakshow," please visit

Northern California trio, Black Map are preparing to release their new studio album titled "In Droves" on March 10th, through eOne Music. All three well-established musicians have come together in 2014 for their debut release as they have toured alongside hard rock giants like Chevelle and Bush. Their new 15-song set has challenged the band to create a cohesive piece of music that works perfectly from start to finish and also contains many strong stand-alone tracks. The new album begins with the short "Transit I," which leads into the aggressive delivery of "Run Rabbit Run" as the heavy bass groove keeps the song's pace. They find the mainstream rock appeal of "Foxglove" and kick the energy up a notch with the heavy metal riffs of "Ruin." Black Map dig deep into their heavy metal roots for the chugging rhythm of "Octavia," then turn "No Color" into the bridge between progressive metal and modern hard rock. Black Map delivery the perfect mixture of strength and aggressiveness with addictive riffs and undeniable choruses. They wrap up their new epic sounding album with the alternative metal buzz of "Just My Luck" and the progressive metal appeal of "Coma Phase." To find out more about Black Map and their latest release "In Droves," please visit

From New Jersey comes the six-piece death metal band Fit For An Autopsy with their latest release "The Great Collapse," out on March 17th through eOne Music. The band's new nine-song album begins with the growling vocals of "Hydra" against a thunderous pounding rhythm. Fit For An Autopsy introduce a progressive metal sound with the tempo changes of "Heads Will Hang," before attacking with the quick pace and chanting chorus of "Black Mammoth." They become more aggressive with "Iron Moon" as the double-bass drum rhythm and screaming vocals showcase the passion for their deathcore genre. Fit For An Autopsy express their interest in Global Warming with the empowering delivery of "When The Bulbs Burn Out," before finishing with the slow, build-up explosiveness of "Empty Still" and the snarling guitars and growling vocals of "Spiral." To find out more about Fit For An Autopsy and their latest release "The Great Collapse," please visit their Facebook page at

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