Thursday, February 16, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Vivian K And Jumbotron

The punk-rock trio Vivian K recently released their sophomore album titled "Verses" and are currently on a U.S. tour which concludes at the end of the month. Their new 12-song album begins with the raw, frantic, garage rock of "Friends Are Dangerous" as the screaming vocals only add to the song's high energy. The band moves quickly through "Lethologica," before slowing down the pace for the alternative-pop feel of "Love Is Evil." Vivian K dive into the nostalgic sound of "Earl" and "Can't Wait," before picking the pace back up for the punk-like fury of "First Snow." The album finishes with the wild screams of "The Acoustic Version Was Better (Stoned)" and the grunge appeal of "It's 9/11 Somewhere." To find out more about Vivian K and their latest release "Verses," please visit their Facebook page at

The New Wave, Dance trio Jumbotron recently released their new self-titled EP through Public Schools Records. The new five-song album begins with the energetic beats of "Sell In May And Go Away," which sounds like the missing link between punk and dance music. Jumbotron incorporate hip-hop lyrics over a steady electronic dance beat on "Don Draper," before returning to the experimental new wave sounds of "Some Lucky Someone." Their new short release finishes with the dark, grunge-like tones of "Whiskey Vinaigrette." To find out more about Jumbotron and their latest self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at

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