Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Lawrence Morrill Glass And Scott Nolan

Singer/songwriter Lawrence Morrill Glass returns after giving us a glimpse into his latest project "Neanderthal." In November of 2016, Glass released the five-song "Extended Play" album which featured selections from his forthcoming, full-length album "Neanderthal," which was released on February 7th. The new 11-song release begins with the steady blues-rhythm of "The Habit Of You" as Glass' lyrics hit home and can relate to everyday life. He delivers a love letter to "Tina Fey" and then gently delivers the depression of "No Christmas This Year." He pays tribute to one of his idols in "Lou Reed Died," then rocks out on the guitar driven "Mary Contrary." The album finishes with the gentle, classic waltz of "Jukebox" and the uplifting, country sounds of "Believe." To find out more about Lawrence Morrill Glass and his latest release "Neanderthal," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Scott Nolan recently released his latest studio album titled "Silverhill." If features 13-songs that find their way to your heart and warms the soul. The wonderful harmonies on the opener "Forever Is A Long Time" will make you an instant fan. The album's lead single, "Fire Up" is an Americana gem that showcases Nolan's lyrical poetry amongst a gentle, acoustic backdrop. He gets his blues groove going during the chugging of "Shake It Loose" and then visits the back porch swing with the country sway of "Curls & Curves." Nolan quietly delivers the prayer of "Silverhill," before finishing with the country duet sing-along of "Twister" and the mellow strumming of "You Leave Alone" as you follow Nolan's storied folk lyrics down the dusty path to greatness. To find out more about Scott Nolan and his latest release "Silverhill," please visit

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