Monday, February 6, 2017

CD Review: New Rock Releases Arriving From U.K Band Segregates & Argentinian Band Lujuria

From the U.K. comes the punk/metal trio Segregates with their debut album "Burston." The band was inspired by the music of Motorhead as their sound mirrors many of the classic riffs that Lemmy and company produced over the years. For those missing the music of Motorhead, Segregates are a great fill-in for Motorhead's energy. Their new 11-song release begins with the speed of "Segregates." As Motorhead was a rock 'n' roll band that played their music fast and loud, Segregates is an English punk band that have injected the sounds of Motorhead with a shot of adrenaline. They quicken the pace fof "Rock 'n' Roll" and use Lemmy's classic bass riff for the basis of "Living Nightmare." The 94-second splash of "Let Battle Commence" is pure energy as the music swiftly strikes. As "Step Aside" hits the speakers, you have already found yourself a fan of the band as this classic punk sound pays tribute to one of the best bands of all time. The short 25-minute album finishes with Tim Atkinson on bass for the Motorhead cover "Riding With The Driver." To find out more about Segregates and their latest release "Burston," please visit their Facebook page at

Argentinian rock band Lujuria are ready to return with a brand new album titled "Rockeando El Pavimento." The name of the album was inspired by the band's recent meeting with Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal) and Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age). The music is high energy, hard rock, while the vocals feature of mix of English and Spanish lyrics. The new 14-song release begins with the high-powered rocker "Autopista" as you do not need to know the words to feel the energy in the music. They bring in a classic guitar riff to motor the rocker "Feel So High" and then delivery a thunderous rhythm to "Bar Whiskey Bar." Lujuria slow the tempo down for the dark tones of "Down," then quickly run through "Dr. Brujo," then explode with the build-up of "Intravenus." They finish their latest release with the intense, hard rock of "Ritual" and head-banging, grunge appeal of "Voltios." To find out more about Lujuria and their latest release "Rockeando El Pavimento," please visit their Facebook page at

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