Sunday, February 19, 2017

Movie Review: Go Behind The Scenes Of Burlesque With The "Glitter Tribe"

The presentation of Burlesque dancing is a lost art and there is a new film titled "Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe," which gives you a modern look at this classic type of performance. Burlesque dancing was a booming industry at the turn of the 20th century as jazz clubs and cabarets would feature such acts as a striptease along with bawdy comedy to keep male patrons interested. As the art of Burlesque has continued over the years, it has become a way of free expression for these performers and to let themselves be who they want to be.

The opening scene of the film shows how important the performers are to one another as they gather in a prayer circle before each night's performance. Not only are the visuals in this movie stunning, but the music is as important as the performance as it helps deliver the story. Dancer Zora Von Pavonine explains her love for fashion as her self-made outfits are extremely elegant and fully expressive as to where her passions lie. Each artist tells his or her story of who they are as a performer and what their show and styles represents.

The film is also a reminder of how each performance tells a story as you get a glimpse behind the scenes as to all the work and practice that is involved with being a Burlesque dancer. Even the male performers explain what brought them into the world of Burlesque performance. Dancer Isaiah Esquire gives us some background into why he chose this profession and what it means to him when he performs on stage and how it helped him overcome his shyness.

Director Jon Manning does an amazing job giving heart and emotion to the lives of these dancers as you begin to look beyond the nudity and into what each performer has to offer. The costumes and presentations are stunning as you feel the commitment each performer puts into their show. The movie also shows how involved dancers have gotten in Burlesque over the years as way of expressing themselves with fashion and dance. The film also shows the audiences involvement with each performance as they become even bigger fans of world of Burlesque. To find out more about the newly released "Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe," please visit the Facebook page at

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