Friday, March 3, 2017

CD Review: Chickenfoot Gathers Favorite Tracks For New "Best + Live" Release

Most bands wait until they have a handful of albums released before putting together their first "greatest hits" set, but Chickenfoot isn't like most bands. This supergroup was built out of the ashes of Van Halen when singer Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony teamed up with guitarist extraordinaire Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith to show how much fun bands could have performing together and creating new exciting rock music.
In 2009, Chickenfoot released their self-titled debut album and then quickly followed two years later with "Chickenfoot III," but then the group went quiet. Chad Smith went back to work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani released two brand new solo albums and a box set of all his former albums. Sammy Hagar released two new albums of his own and Michael Anthony became part of another new band, The Circle (along with Hagar).
Now with a newly recorded song titled "Divine Termination," Chickenfoot is gathering together ten of their most popular songs for their latest release titled "Best + Live." This is a 2CD set that features one disc of their favorite studio songs and live covers and another disc of their show recorded in Phoenix in 2009. The new two-disc set will be released on March 10th through eOne Music. 
The first disc contains 14-tracks, beginning with the grinding rhythm of "Divine Termination" supplied by Smith and Anthony. Hagar's vocals are timeless as he shouts out the chorus as Satriani's electrifying solo is the cherry on top. Then the "Best" of Chickenfoot delivers the favorites like "Oh Yeah" and "Big Foot," before ending the first disc with three covers songs from The Who, Montrose and Deep Purple.
The second disc is completely live and features, for the first-time on CD Chickenfoot's show in Phoenix, which was first available on the "Get Your Buzz On" DVD/Blu-ray. The band just released their first album and were anxious to take their new music out on the road and this live album showcases a band excited to be playing new music together with friends. The songs have that extra boost of energy that only comes in a live setting. Songs like "Avenida Revolution" and "Down The Drain" get extended as Satriani's guitar just shreds, while Anthony and Smith try and keep up. Hagar breaks down the wall between the band and the audience, by including them in the stories of the songs they wrote for their debut album.
The band throws in shots of Led Zeppelin here and there with the most noticeable reference is when Chickenfoot break into the "Immigrant Song" during the closing jam of "Get It Up." They finish their set with back to back, nine-minute versions of "Turning Left" and "Future In The Past." To find out more about Chickenfoot and their latest release "Best + Live," please visit

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