Monday, March 6, 2017

CD Review: Modern English Return To "The Trees" & Flamingods Become The "Majesty" Of World Music

British punk/new wave band Modern English hit it big in the U.S. and U.K. with their 1982 single "I Melt With You." After contractual problems with their record label, the band split up in 1991. Singer Robbie Grey would revive the band five years later to release the album "Everything's Mad." After touring the U.S. in 2002, the original members of Modern English reformed to re-record their hit single "I Melt With You" for the movie of the same name. Now Modern English are ready to release their 8th studio album titled "Take Me To The Trees."

The album was funded by PleadgeMusic and was released on February 24th through Kartel Music Group. The new ten-song release brings the band's iconic 1980's post-punk sound to modern day. The album begins with the classic appeal of "You're Corrupt" as you are instantly transported to punk revolution of late-seventies Britain. They still capture the pop essence of their music with addictive hooks and sing-along choruses as in "Trees" and "Moonbeam," while "Sweet Revenge" recalls the band's early days with it's edgier, new wave style. The album wraps up with the undeniable pop tones of "I Feel Small" and the darker, gloomier feel of "It Don't Seem Right." Modern English are hitting the road in March for two months worth of live shows. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "Take Me To The Trees," please visit

The London based five piece band Flamingods recently released their new studio album titled "Majesty." It is their first album on Soundway Records and their fourth overall. It features a worldly sound as the opening title-track carries a Middle-Eastern rhythm as lead singer/founder Kamal Rasool reads through the lyrics. The pop-feel of "Jungle Birds" dives head-first into Bollywood territory, while the up-tempo rhythm of "Taboo Grooves" and the gentle garden walk through "Majestic Fruit," will have you listening intently to hear every sound. Flamingods take you on a sonic journey with the six-minute instrumental "Anya," before the energetic beats and electric guitars of "Gojira." The album finishes with the authentic sounds of India in "Sarangi" and the progressive rock instrumental "Mountain Men." To find out more about Flamingods and their latest release "Majesty," please visit their Facebook page at

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